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Sydney Vestibular Physiotherapy
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    A specialist practice designed to bring balance back to your life

    About Us

    Why Choose Us

     The practice was established in 2010. Our treating therapist is a senior physiotherapist in the neurosciences department at the Prince of Wales Hospital and has been with the practice since its inception. Our physiotherapist has undertaken training alongside world-renowned vestibular specialists and has completed a research Masters degree through UNSW in the area of dizziness in adults. She is a regular presenter at courses and conferences

    How We Can Help You

     Our services include a comprehensive assessment followed by a tailor made rehabilitation/exercise program with ongoing advice and support as required. 

    Feel the Difference

    For the majority of patients, one appointment is all that is necessary to see significant, lasting changes in the way they feel. 

    Our Services

    Some of our services include:

    • Canalith repositioning manoeuvre (e.g. Epley manoeuvre) for BPPV.
    • Combination of habituation, adaptation and substitution exercises for unilateral and bilateral vestibular hypo-function.
    • Balance training programs for patients with acute or chronic dizziness and disequilibrium.
    • Education and advice about avoiding the return of symptoms as well as how to manage the condition independently at home when appropriate.
    • Programs of strength, coordination, dexterity and mobility training for stroke survivors with a focus on return to normal daily activity and improving quality of life.
    • Maintenance of strength, mobility and safety of patients with Parkinsons Disease or stroke symptoms.
    • Prescription of mobility aids e.g. walking sticks/frames.
    • Referral to other health specialists e.g. neurologists, occupational therapists.
    • Following a stroke, most patients are hospitalised and spend some time in rehabilitation. We now know that it is possible to continue recovering and improving strength, mobility and physical functioning long after the actual stroke. Stroke survivors both at home and in residential facilities often have potential to improve their physical function and independence after initial rehabilitation has ended. At Sydney Vestibular Physiotherapy, we have many years experience working with clients both in the days immediately following a stroke as well as many years later. In most cases we can improve quality of life for stroke survivors, either with physical training or equipment prescription and manual handling techniques.

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