Sydney Vestibular Physiotherapy
Sydney Vestibular Physiotherapy
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    For the majority of patients, one appointment is all that is necessary to see significant, lasting changes in the way they feel. 

    The practice was established in 2010. Our treating therapist is a senior physiotherapist in the neurosciences department at the Prince of Wales Hospital and has been with the practice since its inception. Our physiotherapist has undertaken training alongside world-renowned vestibular specialists and has completed a research Matsers degree through UNSW in the area of dizziness in adults. She is a regular presenter at courses and conferences.


    Any person who suffers from vertigo, or dizziness is likely to benefit from the treatment we provide. Vertigo is often caused by disturbance of the inner ear. These symptoms may include spinning, lightheadedness, imbalance and blurred vision. The symptoms may be present fairly constantly throughout the day or may only be present during certain activities. These activities may include rapid head movement, tipping the head up or down, or even just rolling over in bed. These symptoms are very common and respond well to vestibular rehabilitation.

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